Posted on Dec 4, 2019

Osteopathy For All Clinic

This FREE total body MOT is a prevention approach to keeping the local community healthy. It is an ideal way to prevent injuries, strains and pains from occurring. Equally, it is an opportunity to find out the root cause of a health issue or symptoms.

Your body’s movements will be examined for any sign of tension, restriction and improper function, including all limbs, the whole spine and pelvis, all organs and the cranium. This will build up a biomechanical and physiological picture of the current state of your body. It may be that your body is working well on the whole; or that perhaps certain lifestyle/exercise changes would be needed; or possibly that an osteopathic treatment is indeed required to help your body regain its balance and resolve current symptoms.

Osteopathy aims at treating and resolving causal issues rather than just affecting compensatory tensions. Once the biomechanical root cause is appropriately released in one treatment session then the given compensatory biomechanical pattern is able to resolve throughout the body, as it is no longer needed.

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